What Lies Ahead - A Look At 2016

January 12, 2016
by Dr. Saadia Asif

Welcome To 2016! Another year that shows every indication of flying by! ‪Dubai continues to be as fast paced as ever and change is in the air again. At Fulcrum we are thrilled and excited to see what this New Year has in store for both our clients and us.

Social Media, one of the major trends of 2015, shows every sign of continuing in the New Year. The number of networks out there continues to grow apace and greater connectivity is continuing to create the challenge of a splintered customer base - one that both expects and demands greater targeting and customization.

That brings us squarely into the ever expanding world of Content Marketing, thousands attended the conferences and shared ideas and even more are out there looking for the right strategy to put them on the content map. The process is neither as simple nor as easy as many experts would have you believe - but it is not impossible and can still be achieve by the passionate without the need for millions in budgets.

Bringing these two forces together in the right combination, combining it with the more "traditional" website aspect and you have the right combination to level the playing field for a number of entrepreneurial businesses out there - helping you compete in a busy, expensive and highly competitive market.

Branding has continued to be important; in fact many previous brand cynics are now buying into the idea again. But it too has shifted, the idea of Lean Branding has entered the vocabulary, and the idea that your brand is so much more than just a logo continues to gain strength. Brand strategy today must consider the total experience that your customers have with you - especially with your people. Creating your brand as an effective tool continues to be a challenge - but losing it has become easier than ever in a highly connected world - global brand powerhouses like FIFA, Volkswagen and even Amazon have seen their brand image take substantial hits. The care and feeding of your brand is more essential than ever before - so have at it.

And let's not forget people! As the talk of stock exchange volatility and trillions being wiped out in global share value, our connected world braces for another recession/correction. Employees, who have not really had an easy time of it in the last few years, continue to grapple with their feelings of insecurity and many of the companies out there still continue to hire and fire based on the bottom line rather than what is being brought to the table. The thing to remember is that having the right people in place, with the right attitude, work ethic and experience will be instrumental

In helping you ride the wave. We do not advocate bankruptcy, rather a more judicious assessment of resources and the value they bring. Establish a strong corporate culture, identify the values you stand for and head for the future.

So, 2016, here we are - lets take another leap into an unknown future and look forward to the successes and challenges that lie ahead.

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