Company Internal Culture

Culture is what drives an organization. A high-performing culture results in 37 percent less absenteeism, 49 percent decrease in work-related accidents, and 60 percent fewer errors. It can give you the sustainable competitive advantage you need for ongoing success. Despite all these benefits, many businesses just let organizational culture happen; you can’t be like them.

Building a strong company culture supports your overall vision and goals and forms the foundation of your brand. Perhaps no one has summarized it more elegantly than Richard Branson. “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.” Current research supports Branson. It shows employees are twice as likely to be actively disengaged when they’re ignored. You can’t afford disengaged employees. You have to actively create a culture that encourages your people to go the extra mile for each other and for the organization.

Your brand is the relationship you build with your customer, and that relationship is determined by the culture prevailing within your company. By changing the organizational culture, you can change how your clients perceive your brand. Netflix epitomizes how much of an impact changing company culture can have on profits. Its 124-page report on culture has been viewed 13 million times.

Building a performance driven internal culture is essential, but it is not a simple task. Only a fraction, some say as low as 10%, companies succeed, so you need a right partner in your journey towards success. We can be the right partner.

At Fulcrum we work with senior management and staff to define the culture that you want to embed within the company. Our services include everything it takes to manage an organizational culture change. Our solutions are driven by your vision and customized to the needs of your organization and include:

  • Development and Alignment of Vision, Mission and Values
  • Definition of Core Cultural Milestones
  • Research and Analysis
  • Value Development and Definition
  • Design and Implementation Of Culture Development Programs
  • Training and Development
  • Design of Internal Communication Plans, Rewards and Recognition
  • Implementation and Rollout

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