Case Studies

Case Study: Establishing A Brand


A large privately owned bank wanted to refresh its brand identity to reflect its new strategic direction. In spite of being an established presence, brand recognition remained low and associated brand values were scattered and inconsistent. The aim was to launch a fresh brand identity to reflect the new direction of the organization.


The process began with detailed consultative discussions with management on the strategy and direction of the bank. Using their vision as a guide, management selected the identity that they felt held the most resonance for the stakeholders, both internal and external, followed by the rollout across the organization. The process included:

  • Engagement of senior management in the development of the brand.
  • Articulation of the overall brand strategy and its impact on the day to day operations of the organization.
  • Strong internal communication and training to align employees with the brand and its representative values to reduce dissonance.
  • Formation and management of multi-departmental teams to ensure a smooth roll-out across the network.
  • Creation and launch of comprehensive customer communication program to introduce the new brand to the market, including advertising and PR.

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