Entrepreneurship Is A Fad; Let’s Solve Real Problems

Sep 14, 2016
by Dr. Saadia Asif

"Do you want to start your own business, or work for someone else?”

When a team of researchers from Gallup asked a representative sample of young Americans in 2005, 72 percent of respondents aged 30 or younger were in favor of entrepreneurship. But three years ago that figure had dropped to 63 percent.

Why Branding Matters and How to Build Your Brand on a Lean Budget

Aug 25, 2016
by Dr. Saadia Asif

In 1886, an American bookkeeper was asked to create a logo by a pharmacist. The pharmacist was Dr. John Pemberton from Georgia and had recently founded a company in which the bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson, was a partner. So when Robinson successfully created the logo, no design fees were paid and the world received one of its first truly global brand names—Coca Cola—for free.

4 Myths about Entrepreneurs

Aug 02, 2016
by Dr. Saadia Asif

Entrepreneurship continues to be all the rage in the world around us and entrepreneurs are often considered the masters of the universe You’ll hear a lot of talk about what makes a successful entrepreneur, some correct others complete fiction.

2 Ways to Turn Your Business into a Cult Brand

May 26, 2016
by Dr. Saadia Asif

Hundreds of people lined up at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue at the launch of the latest iPhone in September 2015. The number ran in the thousands around the world as the various launches rolled out.

What Lies Ahead - A Look At 2016

January 12, 2016
by Dr. Saadia Asif

Welcome To 2016! Another year that shows every indication of flying by! ‪Dubai continues to be as fast paced as ever and change is in the air again. At Fulcrum we are thrilled and excited to see what this New Year has in store for both our clients and us.‬

4 Things To Remember When Starting Your Content Journey

September 18, 2015
by Dr. Saadia Asif

Friends, Romans, Content Writers, Lend Me Your... Eyes and Ears!

The massive scale of the Content Marketing World and Inbound 2015 make it clear, content marketing is here to stay. The migration away from traditional marketing methods and channels has been going on for a while.

5 Entrepreneurial Survival Tips

Jun 6, 2015
by Dr. Saadia Asif

"An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down." Reid Hoffman

That is just one of many inspirational quotes that is used to define and explain the entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurs are challenge driven, focused on creating their brand identity. But the journey towards creating a new brand in a market is a tough one. There are moments of great joy and achievement that carry you forward, onward and upward. But for every up there is also a down - a low point that challenges even the toughest and most determined spirit. Surviving and thriving in spite of these low points is the path towards success. Based on experience, here are a few ideas to help you survive the journey.

The Brand Name Game: Were Romeo (and Shakespeare) Wrong?

Mar 25, 2015
by Dr. Saadia Asif

Over 400 years ago, Romeo stood beneath Juliet’s balcony to proclaim  - What's in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet;

Ever try asking a brand expert that question? “What’s In a Name”? The answer will most likely be a resounding “Everything”. We live in a branded world, where names have power and having the right name in the right market, is the first step towards success.

Brand and Employee Engagement: A Special Relationship

Mar 07, 2015
by Dr. Saadia Asif

When we talk about the time to rebrand, it is always more than just the change of a logo or color. It is reflective of a desire to change the way that we are perceived in the market – to fundamentally adjust our positioning in the minds of our customers.

Time To Rebrand?

February 18, 2015
by Dr. Saadia Asif

Whether you are looking at yourself or your company, sometimes it feels like it is the right time to change. But taking that final leap into change can be difficult, so here are a few questions to help you make that decision.

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