Brand and Employee Engagement: A Special Relationship

Mar 07, 2015
by Dr. Saadia Asif

When we talk about the time to rebrand, it is always more than just the change of a logo or color. It is reflective of a desire to change the way that we are perceived in the market – to fundamentally adjust our positioning in the minds of our customers.

Yet, just as we all know that repainting a wall doesn’t alter the surface below. Equally changing the brand with a desire to create a new position and perception in the mind of the customer does not fundamentally change their perceptions of the organization unless they also see a visible change in the way that they interact with the organization. An effective branding program therefore, needs engaged, motivated employees to drive it.

The a rebranding or repositioning program then becomes a good time to start driving a program of change within the organization as well, to create a higher level of awareness and engagement. The new visual identity makes employees more open to the idea of a change in the way they work, with each other and with the customer.

By combining the brand values with organizational vision and strategy, the corporate values can be refreshed and aligned. These then become the foundation for creating the “engaged” employee, who is so essential to driving the brand towards future success.

So when looking to kick-off a brand program where you expect your employees to act as brand ambassadors and representatives of your brand to the customer, you may want to ask yourself a few questions including:

  • Do you know the drivers of employee engagement within your organization?
  • What is the level of awareness of staff about the banks vision, strategy and values?
  • What is the level of awareness of the new brand, its values and expected impact?
  • Are employees proud to be associated with this organization?
  • Would employees recommend the organization to family and friends?

The answers to these questions and how you address the gaps they highlight will enable you to place your brand firmly at the heart of your organization.

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